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Adding an Attachment to an Approval Email In Flow

You should be able to attach a document to an approval email using flow. 

Status: Started

We are now working on the functionality to attach files to Approval requests.

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@Jevon I don't know if it makes any difference but I have Name ahead of Content.

For your content field I have it working by going to Expression any typing in body('Get_attachment_content')?['$content'] is this what you have done?  If not then I have a solution on Page 10 of this topic that I have functioning for me.

I'd also be weary of naming the variable 'Attachment' it could possibly be a reserved word although I'm only guessing, I imagine you'd have got some kind of error notification if it was.

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@GFinlayRPS  it worked what I did is i used an existing flow that have the attachment process that is working using the send email and i changed it to content. Btw, the attachments are not visible through the mobile app only for emails? 

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As long as it's working  👍  I've no idea I don't use the mobile app, maybe @TCambs could assist as he is the person at Microsoft working on it.

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The mobile app currently doesn't show the attachments. It's in our backlog to do.

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Hope to have it resolved 🙂 this will really sell the idea to senior executives who wants everything at one glance....

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How can I make the each path as hyperlinks?


I have tried the example "[Link Text](Link URL)" from inside the step "Append to array variable" but it doesn't work.


Can you help me please?


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Hi @GFinlayRPS ,


I am trying to create a holiday leave request form, as part of the form people may sometimes want to attach attachments- this goes through the approval method. Can anyone please assist me in doing this, i have tried multiple times and have had no successes.