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Additional Planner Task Functionality

It would be useful to have a few additional actions and features included in flows for Planner tasks:


  1. When creating a task from a flow, it's unfortunate that you cannot also add a checklist to the task.  This is a pretty useful feature in Planner, and seems to be a glaring omission from the Create a Task action.
  2. It would be very useful to have an action for copying a task.  We currently have tasks that are set up as templates of sorts, and then copy those tasks to a new bucket and assign them to users.  This cuts down on task creation for common tasks, however it would be much more beneficial if we could automate copying and then assigning those tasks when certain conditions are met.
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as well would it be very helpful if there were a chance to get or set the other fields / functions in flow, like "labels", "comments" and "show on card".


So if I´m taking "create a task" from flow, that I´m able to fill these fields / functions.

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I'll second Gedl's comment - It would be great if I could add the Task Description as part of the "Create Task" action, rather than needing a second action to update the task details. I'd also like to be able to assign to multiple people at the same time as part of task creation.

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Re: number 1 - the api already has the code. You just need to add it to flow.

checklist:  {
{ @odata.type: "microsoft.graph.plannerChecklistItem",
title: "Update task details",
ischecked: true