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Additional Teams actions

Currently there is a limited set of Teams Actions available via the Teams connector:


Specifically I would like to request the following actions:


  • Microsoft Teams - Create a team
  • Microsoft Teams - List teams
  • Microsoft Teams - Archive team
  • Microsoft Teams - Add member
  • Microsoft Teams - Delete member
  • Microsoft Teams - List members
  • Microsoft Teams - Upload a file
  • Microsoft Teams - Create new file
  • Microsoft Teams - List files

These are all avaiable via the Teams UI so making them available in Flow is a simple task 😉

Status: New
New Member

Create a team would be greatly enhanced by Create a team from a template

New Member

Great ideas, but I would like to add triggers:

  • Microsoft Teams - Status change
  • Microsoft Teams - In call

I would be looking to use these to hit a web service which would in turn trigger a hardware status light (busy / free) to support working from home with the family around. I am however sure there could be plenty of other uses.