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Admin Setting to disable Sharing flows

It would be nice if we can control if our admins allow Sharing flows or not. Especially necessary because we can’t prevent the sharing flows with personal user credentials.

Status: New
New Member

We also need this feature! Please implement an admin control, which switches Sharing of flows on/off - Have a look at PowerBI - their solution in the admin center is great!

Advocate II

IT admin controls on sharing is a fundamental governance of any product in M365, but Power Platform misses it completely!

Imagine no IT admin controls about sharing in SharePoint; what a mess it would be. Not having any admin control on sharing in Power Platform is way worse! Once a flow is shared, sharee can use access rights of sharer to do anything for all the connectors used (for SP can RW to any SP site sharer has, for Outlook read/send emails, etc.).  I cannot believe how this idea did not enough attention even after 3 years.

It only takes small effort to avail few buttons in admin center for enable/disable normal/read-only sharing, or even better introduce an admin policy. But instead of that MS worsens security by ability to continue using sharer's connection in read-only sharing (initially sharee forced use her/his own connection).