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Administrative control over approvals

Flow approvals requires the ability for an administrative user (e.g. a flow owner or an Office 365 admin) to approve/reject an approval request on behalf of another user. 


In a realistic scenario, this may be if someone is away sick, but the approval is holding up a business process from going forward - it will be crucial in this kind of situation to have an administrator to have the ability to approve/reject an approval request so that things don't get held up.

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Hilarious how 2010 has this feature but there is ZERO feature set in the modern power-automate flow. The beauty of power automate approvals is the consolidation across sites and other applications. However, it is completely useless if someone leaves the company. Just wasting time having to re-submit new approvals. Time is money. 

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@yplay27 Unfortunately Microsoft doesn't seem to look at these from a business point of view.