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Administrative control over approvals

Flow approvals requires the ability for an administrative user (e.g. a flow owner or an Office 365 admin) to approve/reject an approval request on behalf of another user. 


In a realistic scenario, this may be if someone is away sick, but the approval is holding up a business process from going forward - it will be crucial in this kind of situation to have an administrator to have the ability to approve/reject an approval request so that things don't get held up.

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Flow Admin should have more control for MS Flow Approval.

The current problem is that after Approval has been sent out, we can do nothing except waiting. 

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In addition to admins being able to go in and reassign the Flow (better than them being able to approve, they should reassign), which works in the case of an unexpected absence or someone leaves the company with pending flows, but also a user needs to be able to temporarily assign their authority to another user in case of planned absence, travel, etc..  This is basic workflow 101.

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We need this too, however a temporary workaround if a SharePoint List is being used could be to check the Approval status OR the value in a list column. If I have a list column, e.g. named "Approval_Status" then I can go in to the list and change the field value to "Approved" or "Rejected". Having a condition check whether the Approval Request response OR if the "Approval_Status"has been set to "Approved" or "Rejected" would allow me to continue the Flow by updating the column's value. This would also work for an "Email with Options" action.

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Much needed feature

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This enhancement is borderline necessary.  Especially now that flows only run for 30 days and get purged!

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This is a much needed feature. How can you not allow someone to complete the approval on someone else's behalf. This is basic approval process requirement. Come on - it's 2020 Microsoft!

One (at least an admin) should be able to approve or re-assign an approval to someone else. 

Please make this available ASAP.

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yes also supported but within set approval limits of course

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Please look at this Microsoft! It sucks not being able to do anything to an approval flow once its triggered. 

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We need this feature adding urgently to MS Power automate. We have just migrated from SP2010, which gave us this functionality.