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Adobe Acrobat Connector - Microsoft Flow

Adobe Acrobat Pro should be added as a connection in Microsoft Flow and Powerapps. One great example of this integration would be an automation of the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function of Adobe which would enriche the content of any PDF file uploaded to the Shared Documents of a SharePoint site. Through the OneDrive Sync client, the documents within the SharePoint would be synced to local computers' file browsers, which can be set to index content enriched PDFs. Therefore, if set-up properly you can click the windows key and search for the same documents on an array of computers.


This could all be done automatically if Microsoft adds a connector with Adobe Acrobat that causes the action of recognizing the text within documents stored on the SharePoint. 




Status: New
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Want to second that wish but also add the possibillity to auto convert files into PDF if a file being uploaded to a specific SharePoint folder

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Would love the ability to convert PDF files to jpgs or pngs using Adobe Acrobat connector.

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I would also like to have flow added to Adobe Acrobat. A Flow could trigger an automated email to each Shared Reviewer when a comment is made on any given document. At the moment, the user will have to manually enter Acrobat to track all open Shared Documents to see if a new comment has been posted. 

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Yes, I would like to be able to split/combine pdfs and also export to different formats (esp. excel worksheet) as part of a triggered event.

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@JimmyMack Yes, If I could use the PDF Export to Spreadsheet as an automated task when a file is added to sharepoint it would save me a lot of manual processing.