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Adobe Sign - Allow custom dynamic content using columns.

@Adobe Sign


I would like to reference custom Dynamic Content in the Adobe sign feature using columns - much the same way as is possible with approvals.

For instance, I would like to create a custom column called "Approver" and be able to insert the dynamic content "Approver Value" in the email field. That way I can select a choice from my list in the Approver column rather than edit my flow every time I need a different person to sign the document. Perhaps I need a second variable signer, I would like to set a second column for "Approver 2"; or even better be able to simply choose multiple options from the same list and they each be automatically be assigned to signer 1, signer 2, etc. based on the order of signing.


adobe sign 1.JPG


Below is an example of the columns I created in my test library:


Status: New