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Adobe Sign create agreement form should allow dynamic number of signers

Adobe Sign form "Create an agreement from library template ..." allows to specify up to 7 recipients.


The issue is when you want to make the number of recipients dynamic (I want to specify recipients in sharepoint list: sometimes you have two signers and sometimes 3 or 5).

To specify dynamic signer e-mail from sharepoint "Rep_Op2" column I was trying those expressions:

In both cases the Adobe Sign API was returning "MISSING_REQUIRED_PARAM" (it was assuming the e-mail was passed and required other params: signer role and signing order).
I am not sure if the issue is not more general to the Flow: I would like to return a value from the expression which would be treated as if the input was not specified at all for the form field.


Status: New
Helper I

I'm trying to do the same thing right now and have tried both of the methods you describe above.  Am hoping you get a solution!

Regular Visitor

The solution that works currently is to check how many signers You have, create switch statement based on that variable and program as many different blocks calling adobe sign. Braindead, repetitive, error-prone, but works.

Helper I

Bummer.  I was afraid that would be the answer.  Certainly not ideal.