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Airtable Connector

Airtable is a great lightweight web database tool with native connectors to Slack, it would be great to be able to use Flow to build connections from Office 365 services to Airtable.

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Need this badly

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Guys, seriously.


This needs to happen. 



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Just tried to do this also. Now looking for workarounds...
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still there, still WAITING

how can you be so slow at reacting to requests??

also: looking for turnarounds, I still see Zapier and others as the only solution, and this is very bad when I think they are your rivalry 😕

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Any progress on the Airtable connector?
Definitely necessary!

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With Microsoft Lists coming up, I can see Microsoft intentionally pushing back this idea.


I still think they will gain a lot by including an Airtable connector though, they will attract a lot of airtable users on their platform. A lot of them will definitely give Lists a spin.

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Tried Lists, it's far from what Airtable does. Please add this connector.

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We've been working on a couple of ways of connecting Power Automate and Apps directly with Airtable. There are existing Swagger implementations but they don't give you easy access to all the fields.


We've built an open source app that lets you quickly build a custom Swagger file based on your Airtable data and import it into Automate as a Custom Connector.


You can find the self-serve application here: 

Flyweight - Airtable to Swagger (


Or run the code directly on your system here:

flyweightcloud/airtable2swagger: A swagger builder for creating Airbase definitions directly from th...