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Airtable Connector

Airtable is a great lightweight web database tool with native connectors to Slack, it would be great to be able to use Flow to build connections from Office 365 services to Airtable.

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Please please please

Level: Powered On

I feel like the tone needs to step up a bit

MS Devs: Please make this happen and quickly.

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This needs to happen TODAY().

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Plus 1! 

Airtable is what O365 is missing a LOT.


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MS Devs come on, this is so easy to do... anyhow I think Airtable team needs to do their own... I'll push in the airtable community forum to move things, I really need it.

I'm looking also in making a custom connector, does anybody tried to build their own using airtable API in a custom connector?

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One hundred percent create this connector. Integration with Airtable would be fantastic. 


My use case:

I want to use Airtable to collect data via forms. (as the platform supports large attachments and has a database record of the submissions)

Use Microsoft flow to send notifications, request approvals for various submissions and to update pending jobs/to-do lists.



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This needs to have happened yesterday!!

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Still using Zapier after one year while waiting for this in Flow.  😞