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All e-mails sent by outlook is with low Importance


I found this issue:


If a don't set an 'Importance' for an e-mail this e-mail should be 'Normal' Importance. But in 'Office 365 Outlook - Send mail' action all e-mails are send with Low Importance and i need to go in advanced option to change.

This is a little annoying.


Waiting for an fix.


Best Regards


Gustavo Moraes

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DId this ever happen, or was there ever a work around found?

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 Hi @Anonymous. Have an workaroung, go to advance options in email and change importance to normal

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@gamoraes haha well that is simple enough thanks

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Simple drop down option would be useful on the flow - setting advanced options on the email did not work for me and you need the flexibility of sending different levels of importance depending on the job.


This would be good to have but should at least be set to normal - low importance just gets ignored.

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This is now working "Office 365 Outlook - Send email action" allows you to choose as in outlook itself.  Just remember to set it otherwise it will default to low.  Picture below for reference





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Not sure if this is still relevant, but the Outlook "Importance" level can be changed from the default of "Low" using the Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2 connector, as follows:


Office365Outlook.SendEmailV2("ToUser@Outlook.Com","Subject Line","Body Line",{Importance:"Normal"})


The default importance level is Low. There Importance options are: