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Allow Business Rules to set visibility of a section or tab

Author Name: Steven Fayers

Currently the Business Rules allow setting the visibility of individual fields. It would be great to have it also available for sections and tabs.

Status: New
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Status changed to: New
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On top of this request - increase Business Rule functionality to allow:

  • Tab - Expand or Collapse, Show or Hide
  • Section - Show or Hide
  • Control - (i.e. Subgrid, QuickView, webresource) - Show or hide

And also make sure this works in the Interactive Service Hub!

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Yes Please!  I am tired of having to write JS for what should be a simple task.

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This would be great to have! 

Need this.  Business rules created to control visibility on fields will break JavaScript code that sets visibility for sections.

Using BRs to hide all fields in a section (and thus the section) only work when the fields only exist on that section.  Some cases fields exist on other parts of the form.

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need it too


thenk you

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This would be a great addition. Fully support!