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Allow CDS/Any connector to authenticate using Key Vault secret

Currently the CDS connector for power automate can only authenticate either using the developers credential or by hard coded service principal client id and secret. While this is good for many projects and POCs, for sensitive production applications where frequent deployment is needed between environments where the client id and secret for each environment is maintained and rotated in Azure key vault and cannot be shared with the infra or development team, this becomes a huge challenge to implement.


I know there is a power automate key vault connector which can fetch secrets, but what is the point of having it when we cant use the secret fetched to authenticate with any other connector.


This forces deployments to become manual instead of automated through release pipelines, and encourages production secrets sharing with the development/infra team during deployment or whenever the secret is updated. (Defeating the purpose of changing and rotating the secrets)


If the CDS and (all other connectors requiring authentication) could support Azure Key vault like how Azure Devops pipeline or Azure function does this platform will really unlock its true potential.

Status: New