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Allow Calendar event to be added to 'Created By' User

In a flow created for vacation requests, the calendar function are worthless. The only calendar I can add events to is the flow creator, not the user that actually triggers the flow.


The flow I am trying to create has a user request vacation time, get approval from a manager, then final approval from HR. This vacation time should then be added to the user's calendar, and optionally added to the manager's calendar.


As it is, the only calendars that this can be added to is the flow creator, which will not likely have anything to do with the user making the request.

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There are 10,000 posts on the internet about this topic, but is seems M$ is avoiding the topic. This is something that every company with 20+ users need, yet it is mired in muck.

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yeah its very frustrating that this cannot be achieved, I am trying to acomplish the same thing so back to Nintex we go!