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Allow Dynamic Content in Excel File fields

Seeing many request for Dynamic Content in Excel.  Please add the ability to get dynamic content in the file field so we can perform operations from newly created Excel Files.


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Yes please.

I've tried to build a scenario where every end of the month flow will duplicate a blank excel (since it's not possible to create new ones ffom flow)  and create a table to fill with SQL data form our ERP.


In a simple manner, imagine to send automatically to your accountant a resume in excel files, from invoices; purchases; payments. Super easy to implement and super effective in a company daily tasks.


I've stumbled with this unability from excel connector where you onlty are able to fill in, create tables, remove data if the file is picked up manually from the drop down menu. 

It means someone, every month need to go inside the flow and programe it for a certain excel.


Why does Microsoft leaves their own connectors actions "excel, sharepoint; and so on..." halfway in terms of development. In the past i saw more and better actions in Google drive connector rather onedrive.

I know it's on preview, but i think ti would be a huge improvement for this connector

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c'mon, this one surprised me. I can't use flow for what I want given this HUGE miss.

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I can't imagine how this connector can even be useful without this.

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Nice idea,

This can update easy more

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we need this

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We have to be able to choose a file at runtime for the Flow to make it useful. I am working on a project where I have a whole library of the exact same formated Excel files. Each file has the same table structure, just filled in by different people. I need to be able to process each file in the library, but that is not possible if I have to select the file in Flow, because then I can only choose one file from the entire library to work with.

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Currently trying to get excel reports based on a template, we want to create a new copy of the template and write certain rows to a table to display data. However if we dynamically do this, we cannot update or create new rows at runtime as the Excel connector is unaware of the columns available in the table.


If dynamic content allowed you to specify custom columns in a custom defined table that you know exists at run time. It would solve everything

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Excel Connectors and Actions in flow are a great idea but the obligation to indicate the name of the file cut off the huge possibilities to create incredible and usefull solutions. It would be a great new if the file parameter, table, key column and key value could be set dynamically.


Please, don't leave good ideas halfway.


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it would be completely useless if it cant set to dynamic content

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I have to use some Excel file as a template, further I copy it as new file and update rows in the table, after this I can attach\send etc the newly created and filled file.


*If I use workaround with some general master-template and all MS forms triggers put the data into the one file I had two issues:

1. mixed data - in case two MS Forms responces are very close by the time (in one second period close to each other)

2. corrupted master file template - do not know reason but I have it, and have to recover it periodically

Thank you!