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Allow Flow developers to retrieve error messages by ID

It is not uncommon to receive some mysterious errors with no explamations. Sometimes we are lucky to have an error ID/tracking ID, but this is information is still useless unless Flow developers have an ability to actually to retrieve the error message by ID. Maybe in some cases, it will allow us to determine an issue without creating a ticket with MS Support each time.


More details:

Suppose we've received an error while trying to approve/decline something: 

Encountered internal server error from the XRM API. The tracking Id is '1d585244-af90-4ca0-9ac8-c338985ba57c'

There is no way to access the message by tracking ID. 


Office 365 Security & Compliance Center seems to have information on things like:

  • Created flow
  • Deleted flow
  • Deleted permissions
  • Renewed a paid trial
  • Edited flow
  • Edited permissions
  • Started a paid trial

But this is not adequate. It does not show errors and it does not have an ability to search by tracking ID.

Status: New