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Allow Group Forms to be used as a trigger to a Flow

Are there any plans for group forms to be included in the "when a new response is submitted" form trigger?


I've created group forms to ensure forms are sustained if/when a user leaves. However, these forms are not picked up by the flow trigger. It would be so useful if this would be possible.



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Also need this feature

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Yes same here. I'm trying to automate responses into the chat dialog of one of our Teams channels and cannot use that Teams form in flow.

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need badly please

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We need this feature. I cannot for the life of my figure out the form ID of my group form to trigger the responses in the flow. 

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I have tried using the workaround of using the ID of the form in the URL.  The flow passes the check, but when I go to test, flow never catches the trigger. 

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Please vote for what seems the more Up-Voted request of the same feature


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I need this too pleaase