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Allow HTTP Response 3XX Status Codes



I would like to be able to send a redirect from the Response action. Currently, if I set the HTTP Response action Status Code to anything outside of the 2xx and 4xx range I get an error about that Status Code range being unsupported.


My business case is as follows: Flow sends an email which contains a link to a document that the user must access before they are allowed to continue with a task. The link is actually the HTTP GET URL field from an "When a HTTP Request is Received" action, and it triggers a flow that sets a value in a list before returning a Status Code 308 response with the URL redirect to the document in a library.

Ideal solutionIdeal solution

But when run I get this:



I know that the response action can use Status Code 200 along with HTML content, but I would rather point to the document in SharePoint instead of making the user click another link or converting the document to HTML and serving it in the response.

This is a workaround, but not satisfactoryThis is a workaround, but not satisfactory

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