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Allow IF-ELSE or SWITCH-CASE Like Operation on Business Rule


We could only have one condition and one action in business rule. So it is like a single if statement:

If [this condition]
Then do [this action]

Meanwhile, if-else or switch-case scenario is not available
If [condition is A]
Do [action A]
Else if [condition is B]
Do [action B]
Else if [condition C]
Do [action C]
Do [default action]

To achieve this, we need separate business rules and might want to check whether one rule is unique to the other rules, which is quite messy for a solution.
If [condition is A] and [not condition B] and [not condition C]
Do [action A]
And so on…

Status: Under Review
Regular Visitor
Status changed to: Under Review
Regular Visitor
For the first step, it would be helpful, if the conditions could be joined by "OR" additional to "AND"...Why not the same doing like in the advanced find query builder?
Regular Visitor
Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion, and we will consider this in our roadmap.
Frequent Visitor

This would also help since the nesting limit of 8.  I need 9 and can't figure out how to incorporate it without having an if..then.. else.. statement!