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Allow Impersonation in Flow Actions

Right now items created by a Flow are 'Created by' the account the Flow creator used to create the connection the action used. 

Often, as in the case of the VST Create Work Item action there is then no 'hook' to know who ACTUALLY created the item. In my case a powerApp creates a SharePoint list item. A flow then takes that does some stuff to it and then uses that data to create a VST Work Item. My customer's strong pref is to have this VST item be created by the person that was operation the PowerApp.


Some of this is so that we then have some way of using Flow to notifiy the creator of changes to the item which is currently cumbersom and manual in VST. 



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I have also similar requirement where my SharePoint List populated once user submit entry from PowerApp form. Then list item should be copied to Master List via MS Flow and on this master list I have applied permission restriction. Can someone please provide answer on impersonation possible in MS Flow and if yes how ?

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Hello Hiral,


You need to create a Flow with a Trigger when you create an item in the List you submit to ( the one that does not have restrictions on it ) to write to the list that is restricted.  The author of that flow needs to have permissions to that list.  Flows that run "in the background" and triggered when adding an item or modifying an items always operate in the context of the author of the flow.


I tested this and it works as described in my response.



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Isn‘t this coming from the conncetions function, that is quite frustrating, when the flow is not using the originator of a flow triggered action or when you don‘t want to use impersonation and just want to have the Sharepoint site or list or whatever should be the „one“ that should be used as an „originator“. And so on...