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Allow MS Flow to update the SharePoint list Content Approval "Approval Status" field.

Flow provides a feature to perform content approval via Mobile App or Email, however, it cannot update the "Approval status" field back to the list.  This is great if we could have this feature because it will virtually lock the item from updating again, or it will require to be re-approved.

Status: Completed

Hi all,


Checking back on this - As explained in my previous post, SharePoint connector has an action called ‘Set content approval status’ action that allows you use set the content approval status on a item or a file. There is no need to use ‘Update list item’ action to update the ‘Approval Status’ column. 




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Please include this in flow. Why does this appear as a sharepoint option if it doesn't work?



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I just ran into this myself. This doesn't work when an item is already approved. So now what?

"The current state of the item is Approved and the following action Submit cannot be implemented\"

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Great idé!

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I voted!


Please be a lad and vote my idea, to increase the approval timeout (or just general timeout) of flows to MORE THAN 30 DAYS!!


I'm at 155 votes, more is better.


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If only I could read the column...

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reading a column and updating a column are not the same thing.

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Hi there,


SharePoint connector has had 'Set content approval status' action with which you can update the content approval status of a list item in a list or a file in a document library. 


We will be marking this as complete as with this action you can set the approval status of an item to be Submit for approval (Pending) or Approved or Rejected.




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Hi Chaks,


I am wanting to use content approval action for a modified existing item. “Set content approval” updates the item again, resulting in a loop. How do I fix this?


Thank you.

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Hi @Jbotto,

Two ways:

You add a status-field called "Has been set for approval". So when setting an item for approval, you also set the "Has been set for approval". So in the flow, you do a check if "Hast been set for approval" has been set - if yes, the flow does not set the content approval again. This requires you to also clear the status-field later, if you actually want to set the content approval again.



You have your flow read the content approval status before setting it again, so you can skip around setting it. I have tried to describe how to get the content approval status here.


I hope it helps.

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Yes please, i need this.