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Allow MS Flow to update the SharePoint list Content Approval "Approval Status" field.

Flow provides a feature to perform content approval via Mobile App or Email, however, it cannot update the "Approval status" field back to the list.  This is great if we could have this feature because it will virtually lock the item from updating again, or it will require to be re-approved.

Status: Completed

Hi all,


Checking back on this - As explained in my previous post, SharePoint connector has an action called ‘Set content approval status’ action that allows you use set the content approval status on a item or a file. There is no need to use ‘Update list item’ action to update the ‘Approval Status’ column. 




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Yes! I even tried to set a condition that if the Response to the Approval is Approve to change the "Apporval Status" column like you can in SharePoint Designer. But that column is not an option even when I use the new "Get Files (Properties only)" action and you have Approvals turned on in the Library settings.

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Cannot believe this is not supported yet.... needed this in year 1999

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Much needed
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Required to be able to go to Flow fully from SPD workflows.

You could potentially trick it using the task outcomes and a SPD workflow that reads the task outcomes but in my experience it's easier to use SPD workflows. As soon as you can update Approval Status in flow we can fully migrate from SPD.