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Allow Send Approval Request within Apply To Each

Want to be able to run a recurring flow that sends an email request for each item not yet approved or having a certain value within a field within a SharePoint List.


Getting an exception that I cannot nest a Send Approval request under a Apply To Each in the Flow designer 😞  .  This is something that would be extremly useful for business users ....  could use this capability to help get tasks completed, remind people to do certain things on certain days, and follow up more efficiently. This would be a big deal if you can get it working....



Status: New
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As on-prem does, the associated approval Flow link should be visiable next to the sharePoint list item instead of Our approver can have tons of approvals from multiple sites and it will be confused which approvals belong what site. Also requestor easily needs to know which item not approved by what approver. Is it possible?