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Allow Setting of Approval Time Zone

Currently an approval shows up only in the GMT Time Zone with no apparent or documented way to pick a time zone for the flow or the approval.


There should be an option to specify the time zone for the created date that is displayed in the notification email, or the flow should be able to pick the asigned user's default time zone from AAD, or pick it up from the Organization's default Time Zone or anything other than defaulting to GMT.... It would almost be better to remove the Created Time field untill this is fixed and let the Flow Developer add it manually to the approval description.

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This is true, I don't see any way of setting up the timezone for approvals and being able to do so is essential when you have tasks with due dates.

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Please consider moving your votes across to the following item which is for the same issue. It is currently under review but has been at that status for a while. Maybe an influx of votes could help it along. 295 Votes


The below are all separate issues relating to the same GMT/UTC time issue on approvals  2 Votes 10 Votes 3 Votes 6 Votes




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Searching items in lists is great.  If you could use the search capabilities of any list and then select some items to perform an action it would make SharePoint lists even more powerful


Please implement this!