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Allow Slack Posts from Flow to be sent as an attachment

At the moment the post to slack option gives us limited functionality.


We would like to see the ability to post to slack as an attachment to allow us to use colors and other formatting.

Status: New
New Member

I need to be able to post from Flow to Slack using a format set by our DevOps team. This would easily be accomplished with Slack Attachments as mentioned by @JaseC above. This is simply JSON text such as the following example from the Slack documentation at


"attachments": [
"fallback": "Required plain-text summary of the attachment.",
"color": "#36a64f",
"pretext": "Optional text that appears above the attachment block",
"author_name": "Bobby Tables",
"author_link": "",
"author_icon": "",
"title": "Slack API Documentation",
"title_link": "",
"text": "Optional text that appears within the attachment",
"fields": [
"title": "Priority",
"value": "High",
"short": false
"image_url": "",
"thumb_url": "",
"footer": "Slack API",
"footer_icon": "",
"ts": 123456789


New Member

That's would be awesome.