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Allow Us to Choose the Notification Type for MS Approvals

The MS Approvals connector now does both email and Teams notifications by default, however, the markdown language that is supported in the email version is not equally supported in the Teams notification (lists don't work, bold doesn't work, and there aren't any line breaks - it's all on one line, which is unprofessional).  We need:


1) The ability to choose the type of notification = be able to choose email, Teams, both, or none vs. Just On and Off


2) Fix the Markdown = lists don't work (*), bold doesn't work (** text **), and there aren't line breaks



Status: New
Frequent Visitor

You have the ability to disable all notification for approvals via Power Automate by clicking "advanced options" and changing "Enable notifications" from yes to no, however that is it. The ability to select what median is used to send/receive notifications would be very beneficial.

Advocate I

Yeah I consider this a bug with Teams rendering it. In different areas with in Teams it does actually render the markdown for the approval. It appears to be an oversight to me.


It would be nice if they add the option to pick the delivery method.

Advocate IV

Or - scary thought - just make Approval email body formatting consistent with the rich text formatting supported for normal email body text.  It would make life so much simpler if a consistent methodology was adopted for these forms of notification.