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Allow a $filter parameter for Split-On capable triggers to prevent unnecessary workflow runs.

As I have been using the webhook style "On-Change" triggers more and more often, and it is particularly nice when I can rely on a webhook style approach.  However it is becoming more and more apparent that I need to cancel my workflows more often than actually running them.  This becomes worse If I have more than one workflow that are looking into a single entity/list/folder.

In response to this I am relying on the On-Change functionality less and less and needing to rely on the filter action and for-each instead...this defeats the whole purpose of what On-Change is meant to relieve.

As such, It would be nice if I could just give a filter parameter on the trigger itself, that runs on the data before the "On-Change" split occurs.  That way, all uncessesary records are cleared away BEFORE the data come in.

The parameter can quite litterally be the same thing as the current filter action, or, if its even easier on your end, it can be an $OData filter similar to what the CDS triggers have.

Status: New