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Allow attaching SharePoint Images to a Planner Task - currently no preview and link not working in Microsoft Teams

I have a SharePoint List for logging Help Desk Tickets.  Users Log tickets through a Power App.  I have a Power Automate Script that handles new tickets - sends an email with any attachments and creates a planner task with any attachments.


This is all working fine except for the planner tasks:  The attachment links won't work and there is no thumbnail (accessing Planner through Teams).  If I access Planner in the web version I can open the links but there is still no thumbnail.


Clicking on the link in teams it says the item does not exist.  When I click on 'Open in SharePoint' it redirects the link and tries to open the image from an 'attachments' folder on SharePoint which does not exist.  

Just to add to this - it is only happening for images - I can open other attachments without error e.g. .txt file


See Post Below: Attaching SharePoint Images to a Planner Task - no preview and link - Microsoft Community

Status: New