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Allow attachment synchronization as well as Calendar synchronization between Office 365 and Google.

We would like to tell you that the automatic synchronization between the Office 365 Calendar and Google Calendar is a very useful function so far. However, there is a concern about the attached file will not be synchronized with the Calendar of the synchronized destination.


Hence, we assume that this feature needs to recognize the following information to synchronize attachments between Calendars.


- Whether the attachment exists on the calendar or not

- Name of the attachment files

- File contents of the attachment


Also, it is necessary to freely apply the attached files when executing Create or Modify Event on the Calendar of the synchronized destination. We believe that synchronization of attached files will be the useful function for many other users. We strongly hope the further functionality improvements of the synchronization between the Calendars.


Thank you for your consideration.

Status: New
Level: Power Up

me too

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Ok please be my guide
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I want to save files attached to Outlook events on Onedrive for Biz.

And I want to get documents from the Outlook events through Onedrive for Biz using Cortana.
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I would love to see this implemented! I'd would complete the synchronization process for me. 🙂