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Allow description, label, assignee when creating tasks in planner...

Currently, I can't find a way to fully populate all the fields in Planner using Flow actions (create a planner task or update).  This takes a potentially very useful process and render it useless.  I have a SP list with lost of fields, yet I can't use those and create a planner task without losing a ton of info.


Please address ASAP...   our issue mgmt effort it as risk.

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I am needing similar functionality. I am currently trying to create a flow from Outlook emails to create a task in Planner, but there is no field to have the body of the email become the task description in Planner. It is currently pointless to create a work flow when none of the content can be transfered into the new task and the task that is created is blank. 

Level: Powered On

@Anonymous fyi you can now add the email body into the description by adding an additional action "update task details" . however I'm trying to change the labels on the task and can't do that yet.