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Allow for dynamic "file" value for excel "get a row" action

When using the Excel (Business) connector you can currently select the "File" that will be used for the "get row" action at design time.  This works fine if the spreadsheet already exists and you want to continously reference it when you flow is initiated.  However, if you wanted to set up a document library that contained an Excel spreadsheet as a template that a user could edit and save to the library to then have a Flow take action on, you can't.  Specifically, I would like the ability so that either through a manual trigger or when the spreadsheet is new/updated that the spreadsheet file (name, link, whatever is needed) could be used as a dynamic value on the "get row" action so that I could just grab a cell from the newly created spreadsheet and use it in the rest of the flow.




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Which was your work around?


I try unccessfully with SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

We are using Excel Online connector and File parameter only allows to pick up existing files in SharePoint or OneDrive for Business. We need to create file on the fly (new quote) and bind it to it.


Our workaround that we found yesterday doesn’t work always (copy it to an existing file and work on that) because sometimes it says: The file is currently checked out or locked for editing by another user.




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I have the same issue, with the file locking issue. After the file is opened, and read, regardless of SP or OD4B, it remains in a locked state for an hour-ish, I believe, no real way around that. Sorry I can't help much with that. I had to put a wait in my flow, for an hour and 15 minutes before moving the file to a completed folder after it was read.

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@matthews1 Thanks!!!

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@blitwak Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Just getting my feet into the water with Flow right now. Learning as I go! 🙂

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@matthews1 dont worry! We are in the same! Where are you from? I am from Argentina!


Yesterday we also learned Flow. We are using it with a template that saves my email attachments  to a SharePoint document library!