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Allow for external, non-outlook accounts to submit approvals

Status: Planned

We do plan on adding support for guest users to submit approvals.

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Really?? only 5 votes on such a huge lack of funtionality?    Microsoft is trying to compete with Slack and others by opening up O365 to external collaborators, but not having Flow opened up and PowerApps it really hurts true collaboration with vendors, contractors, etc...


Please allow this much needed features...  Our clients needs to approve marketing assets, expenses, projects, etc...  Don't force your customers into Zappier and other non-ecosystem solutions.

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This is huge - other workflow platforms have been allowing things like an email approval ie replying with 'approve') or something similar for years. My customers want to be able to get external approvals indicated without having to provide guest accounts for every single vendor they work with...

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This lack of basic functionality does prevent so many processes to be running on Flow 😞

Helper II

This is a basic functionality, I created a flow, that requires OwnCo approval, of course they are on different domain, how can this be done? is there is a workaround?

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

We do plan on adding support for guest users to submit approvals.

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Hi @Stephen...


You just made my holiday seasons special by changing this request to "Planned" 🙂

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alternatively  is there a workaround for external user as approval?

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Thankfully I've just found this and see it's "Planned" - just as I want to use this functionality right now...   I'll have to work around it until that point in time that this is fully available to guests!


Not great as it is likely to mean that I never go back and review the 30 flows and rebuild the approval for the guests!

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@RogerNgYou can try with "Send Email with Options" : you have to construct the mail and the response processing (check and log) by yourself, but that could do the trick...

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This would have such a huge impact! I work in IT but we want to have users outside of our group who dont have the same access or permissions approve documents that have been created by our team. The other users do not have sharepoint or outlook. Looking forward to an update!