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Allow for external, non-outlook accounts to submit approvals

Status: Planned

We do plan on adding support for guest users to submit approvals.

New Member

18 months.... we are waiting for this feature. Thanks.

New Member

It's note THE expected answer, but I'm using this workaround for months now: I used my "assigned to" user also in the "requestor" field.
It's not so clean because you can't see weel in the request list who made the request, but it works!

New Member

please yes

Frequent Visitor

This is a huge win for Microsoft Flow if they can pull it off! 

Regular Visitor

Waiting for this too

New Member

Just started woking on Approval flow (because for Dynamics 365 VOC deprecation) - can't believe we cannot use an extenal non-office 365 email address already ... looking forward to the feature 

New Member

This is needed, been 2 years now, please set this item with a higher priority.