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Allow for external, non-outlook accounts to submit approvals

Status: Planned

We do plan on adding support for guest users to submit approvals.

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Hi @Stephen ,

having this planned is REALLY GOOD NEWS.   We have 400 external contractors that would drastrically benefit from this effort, but I cannot start building a solution until then...


Perhaps, any rough timeline or roadmap range?



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Agreed, for businesses that work with clients and contractors, this would be fantastic. 

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Any ETA on this yet?

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Any news on this?

The status is "Planned", is there any news about when this is expected?

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Hi @Stephen , is there any update on this? 

Thanks in advance for your help


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I finally understood why my tests were working fine, but approval from guests emails are failling...
I needed to use an email form field as requestor, of course not in my company!
Any overview of the planned realease date for this improvment?

Many thanks in advance!


Edit: Actually I changed the requestor email to the same email as flow owner and assigned person and it looks like it works not so bad

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I think this might be a low priority because Microsoft are not going to be too keen on letting people without a 365 subscription to do anything 365 related... 


But on the flip side would give flow more web presence if nothing else. 


Not going to hold my breath....