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Allow me to mark some actions as favorites and have those show first

I end up putting a lot of the same type of action in my flows and it's sort of a pain to have to search for them every time. it would be awesome if I could mark these actions as favorites and then have them show up as a top section in the "Choose an Action" dialog.

Even better would be if the "Insert Action" item was a menu that popped out and had my favorites along with a 'search' option so I could search.

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I totally agree. This would make things so much easier and quicker to develop. Or perhaps even a side "tool bar" where one could drag and drop "favorite actions" from. (if toolbar, should be able to be turned off as well for those with smaller screen real estate).
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Ohh yes this is really needed...

Post Prodigy

This would greatly reduce the amount of time I have to wait for the Actions search to catch up. This would be a huge improvement over what we have now. Especially when you have to search for an action that has similar name to a lot of triggers.