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Allow @mentioning team tags when posting messages to MS Teams



I love the new tags feature in MS Teams for organizing members into groups. Now I just need to be able to use these tags in messages posted to MS Teams (ideally as the Flow bot) via Power Automate to notify groups of people in a team instead of just hoping that people set up notifications for the channels the Flow bot is posting to correctly.

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Completely agree, trying to use flow to post message to teams channel and @mention a created group tag in that team, but only have option to @mention individual users. Don't know how to find metadata/id for a created tag in a team, so can't use the <at>userid or email</at> option in the message body either. This feature would make the managed tags option in teams so much more useful, really zero compatibility with power automate at the moment!


building off what LaidLawl said, even if you find the team ID with the Get a Team step, the <at>user id</at> can't accept a teamID. It complains that it doesn't have display text for the message. My guess is that whatever code on the back end is pulling apart the passed in user ID isn't set up to handle the differences in Team vs user objects on the back end

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This one is similar but in reverse:


I don't need to send posts via flow, but I'd like to update tag groups via flow. Ideally, both would be possible. Tags have real potential, but right now they are a bear to use and manage.

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Don't know if it helps. But I recently found a workaround by using the premium action Invoke an HTTP action:


Although it requires a premium connector I thought it might be useful to share.

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A co-worker of mine had a similar question, so I've decided to write a blog post on how to @mention Tags with Power Automate. It's using the same approach as @Expiscornovus mentioned but with a bit more context, up-to-date, and some advice for citizen developers.

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This is a great workup. Any thoughts on how to go the other way- to use Automate to assign a tag to a user? I'd like to keep the tag list up-to-date automatically via lists. That is, if I update a field in the list ("title" for example), it will update the tag matching "title" with the associated person. It seems like it would use many of these same parts, but I can't quite get them to link.

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Hello @Tjr004, thanks for the inspiration. I've authored an article on how to manage/sync tags with Power Automate, Lists, and the Microsoft Graph.

Fight Notification Overload in Microsoft Teams — Manage Tags with Power Automate and Microsoft Lists...