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Allow multiple attachments on emails

Can we get functionality to attach multiple items from SharePoint onto an O365 email in Microsoft Flow.

Status: Completed

We have completed the ability to add as many items to an email as you would like. Read more here:

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Not sure why this has so few votes.  Is there a more generic idea we should be upvoting?

Like just having the ability to add multiple attachments, regardless of source (could be onedrive or googledocs for example)

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Status changed to: Under Review
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This would be an incredibly Valueable addition to flow.

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Multiple email attachments from any source would be awesome
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Our organization uses this heavily. Sometimes each attachment correlates to the other. In trying to set up an efficient flow, reviewing all attachments in a single email is necessary. One attachment would be denied until the next is received. The "apply to each" causes attachments to be sent upon a response from the approver one by one so instead of approving all the attachments at once, the approver would need to respond to multiple approvals when a single email is received in a shared inbox with multiple attachments. Each attachment would link to the other which would cause the attachments to be denied when sent individually.


Example: If an email with 5 attachments (A, B, C, D, E) are received to a shared inbox, the flow would send attachment A for approval. Once attachment A is approved or denied, attachment B would be sent for approval, etc.. If attachment A is dependent on B, C, D, or E, they would all be denied even if the person submitted all 5 attachments at once. 


Having the ability to include multiple attachments to an email in the Flows would definitely increase efficiency and productivity, reducing miscommunication or errors due to lack of functionality in Microsoft Flow.

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This is a big gap for MS Flow. I have a Cognito form to which users update files. I have spent several hours trying to work out how to attach several of the form input files to a single email but see, from these posts, that this is not possible.


Can anyone suggest a way that I can upload the files to a storage service which is part of Flow, so that I can send a link? The scenario is that I need many suppliers to access the material and need to automate their access to the storage area. I looked at DropBox but cannot automate the access rights.

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 Hi Team,


Please confirm when multiple attachment will be available in MS Flow as having urgent requirement.




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Would be aswome to have the feature implemented!!

As workaround, i think a zip file could make the trick




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Multiple attachments will be really helpful as currently it is sort of a blocker for us to utilize Microsoft Flow properly.

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