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Allow power Automate trigger "when someone responds to a survey" for Kaizala to work for all surveys and collect more metadata

Kaizala is a great tool for collecting and exchanging information using surveys but it is lacking 2 things:

1. The "all" option is not working anymore on the web. So if I want to send a new survey everyday with same questions using power automate, I cannot collect the questions as that survey does not exist yet and is not selectable in the drop down. With all option active, I can collect them all without unique identifier. I am now using the mobile app to create that trigger as the openapi in the web is blocking the creation. 

2. It is impossible to collect metadata from the survey like title, duration etc. So to collect that, I am "hiding" these informations in the first question. It would also help for ticketing and multiple exchanges with multiple users on the same feed as we could have an identifier following the different actions to be able to identify them.


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Status: New