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Allow "For Each" with an actionable item to begin simultaneously

I've got a "For Each" loop that has an approval email in it being sent to different recipients based on the row values. 


Right now it only sends 1 email, waits for the reply from that email before moving on to the 2nd "For Each" of several. 


I'd like the "For Each" to find several rows it needs to act on and send several emails simultaneously. 

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So, I have a flow that my boss asked me to create for our company to notify users in a distro group of an Emergency event.... such as Hurricane Irma, Active shooters, etc. I needed to send each user an "approval" email where they had 3 choices - I'm ok, Not in the area, I need help. 

I was able to get the users and split each one out to send the approval message; however, flow would not send simultaneously. It would only send the first email to the first user, wait for a response, and then send to the next. Obviously, this would not work. I did solve my problem by looping through the distro email, pulling each user out, and then creating a list item in another list. Then, I ran another flow to send the approval email on "when a new item is created". That way, I wasn't waiting for the first person to approve. 

1. Create an "Emergency" announcement list

2. Create an "employee tracker" list

3. Create a flow on "When an item is created" in the announcements list-  to loop through distro list (case depending on location of event) and create new item in employee tracker list

4. Create a flow on "When an item is created" in the employee tracker list- which sends approval email to the user email pulled from the flow in announcement


If you have any questions, I'd be glad to export my flow, or provide screen shots. Obviously this isn't the optimal solution- as a flow runs on every list item for each user in a distro group instead of just one; however, until flow implements the ability to send simultaneous emails for approval, this will work. 


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