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Allow run-only users for non-button flows (thus not requiring owner creds)

(Original title: Multiple users should be able to run a flow (not only owners))


Currently only the owners of a flow are able to run it, this is a huge this advantage, this means only the people that is creating and modifying the flow are the only people that is able to use it.


I'm aware about the sharing option for the button triggered flows, however, I'm talking about all the other triggers, the ones that work based certain thing changing or something new being added to the platform, the kind of things are actually worthy to automate.


Image a simple scenario, there is a SharePoint Library where an approval process must run when any internal user with access to the library creates a new document, surprinsily, even that users have the proper license for MS Flows, the flow is not triggered, only the flows owners are able to run it.


For sure the previous example can handled by using the classic workflows, however, this is about of evolving, taking advantage of new technologies and opening the door for new possibilities.


I don't understand why this extremely elementary functionality was not included in the first place.

Status: Planned

As covered in the comment, we currently have this functionality for button triggered flows, as well as for a selected item. However, for flows that run in the background they must run in the context of someones account. It doesn't actually have to be the owner's account, but the account can not be dynamically selected at runtime (e.g., if Fred uploads a file, the flow cannot run in the context of Fred since he has not granted consent to Flow to use his authorization context). That being said, this is something that we are now planning on improving in the future.

Helper III

Please implement this or give us a workaround? In SharePoint Designer workflows it was possible to create a workflow which will be triggered on new list items. All users who can create list items will use this workflow automatically. Now I need to make all members of the list owner of my flow which is running under my full control account. Please implement some functionality where you can share a flow without make them owner. They just need to use it, not modify it.

New Member

Was this ever addressed? I use a MS Form to trigger a flow that generates an item on a SharePoint list. But all the items show as "Created by" me, I want the person who completed the form to be the creator. This idea was planned years ago...