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Allow run-only users for non-button flows (thus not requiring owner creds)

(Original title: Multiple users should be able to run a flow (not only owners))


Currently only the owners of a flow are able to run it, this is a huge this advantage, this means only the people that is creating and modifying the flow are the only people that is able to use it.


I'm aware about the sharing option for the button triggered flows, however, I'm talking about all the other triggers, the ones that work based certain thing changing or something new being added to the platform, the kind of things are actually worthy to automate.


Image a simple scenario, there is a SharePoint Library where an approval process must run when any internal user with access to the library creates a new document, surprinsily, even that users have the proper license for MS Flows, the flow is not triggered, only the flows owners are able to run it.


For sure the previous example can handled by using the classic workflows, however, this is about of evolving, taking advantage of new technologies and opening the door for new possibilities.


I don't understand why this extremely elementary functionality was not included in the first place.

Status: Planned

As covered in the comment, we currently have this functionality for button triggered flows, as well as for a selected item. However, for flows that run in the background they must run in the context of someones account. It doesn't actually have to be the owner's account, but the account can not be dynamically selected at runtime (e.g., if Fred uploads a file, the flow cannot run in the context of Fred since he has not granted consent to Flow to use his authorization context). That being said, this is something that we are now planning on improving in the future.

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It doesn't look like Planner can be connected with Approval Flow or is there an option fror that.

Also I can send the link to the planner but not to the specific task in Planner.

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It would be nice to see from the SharePoint library what flows have or have not run on a single document instead of having to go into My Flows and view the history by clicking on each run and reviewing the document name from the details there. I have been searching Flow Ideas and this one is the closest to what I am looking for .

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This is really a crucial shortcoming.

I'd develop a proper right management system for flows where owner can 


share a flow with use or with edit rights to any users (even groups!)


(independently of the aboves)

share or not share his connection credentials with the flow.



My workaround was that I've created a very short flow triggered from the sharepoint list that immediately calls a http request and shared this flow with everyone. I havent shared the called flow doing the real job.


Theoreticlly admins create flows with their credentials. Users with whom the flow has been shared could theoretically alter the flow and do bad things with that credential, e.g. acces documents that they are not entitled to. (e.g. by entering a new action they can search all sharepoint accessed files of the administrator!) 

Moreover because a sharepoint get item action must remain in the Flow called from the sharepoint list, even my solution could not avoid sharing my admin credentials with a number of users company-wise... i made a risky move...


Different problem is that the o356 get my profile returns the properties of the Flow's credential's owner (the admin, me), not the properties of the user who has clicked the button in sharepoint. So there is no way to find out in the flow who has clicked the element. I'm open for suggestions.






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I'm trying to understand your request.


You're saying that if I design a flow to run out of a SharePoint list, that I would be the only person who can run or use the flow?


I have a flow setup in a SharePoint list which notifies the manager (tag) that an item has been created, which they are tagged in and sends them the results.  This works for any person who creates the item and the manager who's tagged in the item.


Is your question around licensing and how many flows can be run under your account?  Flow licensing i'm still not fully clear on and how that's managed with E1, E3, F1.  I've been to the flow site but it still doesn't fully clairify how flows are applied to O365 accounts...IHO


I work in our O365 Team and it doesn't matter to me if a flow runs under my account unless there's some licensing issues that come with it.



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I am having the same issue as @brandonklittle, this is not a shortcoming I am aware of. Everyone in our organization is able to trigger our flows from multiple sources. We have 'on new document' and 'on new list item' sharepoint triggers that function regardless of the user

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Yes, I agree with author, This is very much required and this would be extremely helpful


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I also agree with @O365gladiator.

When MS is promoting/positioning FLOW as replacement of the designer workflows, this should be a default feature within the flow.


Consider a scenario where i develop and deploy a flow with service account [which means IT do the developmetn and business community use/consume it] and all users use/execute the flow similar to the model that we currently have in designer workflow.


Hope to see this feature at earliest.



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As Office365Guy pointed out, in most business there are a few IT clever people and than the rest of the team who has no idea about flows but need to perform the approval action on the item because that has been prescribed by the SOP of his job description. No idea about any IT backround.


In this common case the IT specialist, possibbly admin right guy will create and share the flow among the 'users'.


Now currently the shared flow propagates the connection credentials to the users who have adit right on the shared flow.


Even a simple sharepoint trigger executed by a limited right user will than call the shared flow containing the admin credentials. But the aforementioned limited right user has the right to alter that flow, inserting new actions into that with the admin's sharepoint access burried in the flow. that is a security risk. Flow creators should be able to independently manage flow editing and distributing their credentials in the flow.






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if I can create connector of o365 group ID not personal ID and only group members allowed to run the flow, it will be great.

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"I don't understand why this extremely elementary functionality was not included in the first place."


Agreed, I've already bumped into this SEVERAL times trying to create flows for others to use, don't want to have to make everyone an owner just to use a "for selected item" flow, makes no sense.