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Allow seleciton of SharePoint security groups for email send to

would be nice like we can with designer workflows to be able to send emails to sharepoint security groups instead of having to use individual email addresses for multiple users.  would allow us to change who emails get sent to by adjusting the sharepoint groups and not having to change the workflow and update it.

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Or, if there was just an action that could get the members of a group on a certain site, then we could pass that value to the next action (in my case, an approval).


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Security groups are allowed by Flow for workflow/approval permissions, but not for emailing approvals. Best practices for developers would be to always use groups instead of individual user accounts. I'd like to be able to email a security group with attached email so that any member of the group could approve requests. 


Here is a link to my original question:

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In addition to security groups, I would like to see AD/exchange distro groups allowed for approval emails. 

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This should be an ootb feature.  not being able to email to a SP group or and AD security group would be a really great addition.


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I'm a little bit surprised of this missing feature, please add that as soon as possible because

this is a relevant impediment on our way to the adoption of Flow in our real world solutions.


Thanks a lot.