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Allow self reference on action 'SetVariable'

Selfreference is a very common feature when working with variables, i.e.:


myString = concat(myString,'blablabla');

myArray = skip (myArray,1);


However, current Flow "Set variable" action block implementation does not support it, so you are forced to duplicate variables and declare an auxiliar one everytime you need selfreference. The only exception I've found so far is with int variables, as there is already an "Increment variable" action block.


Do any other Flow users also miss this feature?



Status: Under Review

This would be a very useful fix, thank you for your feedback.

Level: Powered On

As a workaround I got it working by creating a "Compose"-action and in that compose-action you reference both the variable and the new info that should be added to the variable. After that I have a "Set Variable" and set the variable to the output of the compose-action. But indeed, I agree the previous post that this is needed!

Level: Powered On

One year being under review without any explanation as to the delay is unacceptable.  can we get an up date on this Stephen.

Level: Powered On

Is there any update on this 'idea'???


Cannot believe this is not supported by Flow. This is a VERY common statement:

myVariable = add(myVariable,1); 


The way I found to implement this is with two actions (a previous action to initialize the variable): 

Level: Powered On

Never needed this functionality until today.  I an encrypted stored procedure that i have no access to change that I need to read from, perform a summation operation and then insert in to another table.