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Allow self reference on action 'SetVariable'

Selfreference is a very common feature when working with variables, i.e.:


myString = concat(myString,'blablabla');

myArray = skip (myArray,1);


However, current Flow "Set variable" action block implementation does not support it, so you are forced to duplicate variables and declare an auxiliar one everytime you need selfreference. The only exception I've found so far is with int variables, as there is already an "Increment variable" action block.


Do any other Flow users also miss this feature?



Status: Under Review

This would be a very useful fix, thank you for your feedback.

Not applicable

Currently the most common use cases are possible with the actions Increment Variable, Decrement Variable and Append to string variable. For other more complicated use cases, it suffices to assign the value to another temporary variable and assign the target variable using that variable.


Still, it would be much nicer to just be able to use self reference 😕

New Member

Well it's 2022 and this is not fixed. I just can't believe it does not support self reference. Totally disappointed.

Kudo Collector

@Stephen is there any timeline for when this will be implemented?