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Allow sharing of list items or library files in SharePoint Online

Please add the ability to be able to share a SharePoint list item or a file in a document library.


Often when developing business solutions we have a need to only allow certain users in the business get access to specific items/files, as distinct to the users that might be the general members of a site (and who by definition already have access).


It would be great to be able to automatically enable scenarios where permissions for an item/file would automatically be able to be configured for a set of users.

Status: New
Helper V

It is now possible with the help of Plumsail SharePoint (Third-party connector), which is a part of Plumsail Actions product with a fair price.


There is an action, called Change Permissions that gives you the ability to:

  • Grant Permissions on Site
  • Remove Permissions from Site
  • Remove All Permissions from Site
  • Restore Permissions Inheritance for Site
  • Grant Permissions on List
  • Remove Permissions from List
  • Remove All Permissions from List
  • Restore Permissions Inheritance for List
  • Grant Permissions on Item
  • Remove Permissions from Item
  • Remove All Permissions from Item
  • Restore Permissions Inheritance for Item

Here are a couple of examples of Flows:

Set item level permissions (break role inheritance and assign permissions)

Create site by custom template and grant permissions