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Allow sign-in with personal account

This is why I would like this:


  1. Almost all my services are tied to my personal Microsoft account because all of these "productivity" things I do are for my own benefit.
  2. I don't want to tie this service to my work account. Case in point: I left my previous job in December, leaving behind an Office 365 account tied to a number of services.
  3. I don't want to tie this service to my school account, for the same reason as the work one.

While I do use Wunderlist, OneNote, Pushbullet etc for work and school purposes, I use it to run my household as well (and my life). I may change jobs/schools, but my Microsoft account stays the same.

Status: Completed

You can sign in with any account.

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I completely agree with the post here.


Some of use might use a number of services that could be linked through Flow outside of an organizational context e.g. as a freelancer.


There are plenty of use cases for Flow on a personal level.



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Strongly agree with your suggestion

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Hi - We have opened up support for personal accounts. You can read more here:

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I still can't sign-in with my microsoft account.

I just tried to change my email from work to personal but it wouldn't let me sign in with my personal Microsoft account after that. When I signed in again with my work account I was back in my account and the email address was changed back to my work email.

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Status changed to: Completed

You can sign in with any account.

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It's telling me I can't sign in with my work school orwork account too

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Hello Dear



I love Flow and I need to upgrade to 4500 runs a month with my personal email won't let me do it, what I have to do to get done thanks an advance.






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