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Allow the creator of a sharepoint List item to be the creator of the Planner task that FLOW creates.

Hi All,

I have a FLOW that creates a planner task.  I can get FLOW to update the description, but there is no way to have the creator of the list item to be the creator of the planner task.  Since I create the FLOW, I am the creator of all the planner tasks.  Please add the funcationality to update the creator.




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i'm also facing the same issue, I have a flow for geting the file from Notes Entity of Dynamics 365 and upload it to SharePoint,
Flow Runs "When a record is created" in the Notes Entity.
When file uploaded to SharePoint, it shows the name of owner of the Flow (me) in the column of "Created By" or "Modified By" not the triggering user, i want file should upload to SharePoint on the Context of user who upload the file in Notes entity of Dynamics CRM (flow will trigger whenever a file is uploaded to Notes).




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Any updates on this feature, this is critical need while automating business processes.

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I have a lot of requests for this feature to run the flow within the user context of who triggered it. Please work on this!

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Can we have this please? At least let me use user profile and add a task creator field.

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Yes - This feature should be added into MS Flow... The fact that I can't automate something with Power Automate that was automatic in SharePoint designer is a huge step backwards... Why would the admin who created the automation want to be tagged as the creator or person who modified anything that was done with the automation?
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I vote for this feature too. Soo important for flows

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4 years later and still this hasn't been added 😞