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Allow to check in, check out and publish files in a SharePoint library

Add actions to check in, check out and publish files in a Sharepoint Library

Status: Completed

Hi all,


Happy to announce that this is now rolling out! Check the SharePoint connector today to see three new actions:

1. Check in file

2. Check out file

3. Discard check out


The 'Get file properties' action will also be updated in the coming weeks to include check in/check out status in the output. 




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We are looking forward to support for publishing SharePoint items, e.g. for publishing SharePoint Modern Site Pages using Microsoft Flow. Can you provide a timeframe when we can expect support for this?

Helper V
You can easily check in or check out SharePoint documents in Microsoft Flow with the help of Plumsail Actions.
It is a third-party product that provides Plumsail SP connector that provides a set of actions for SharePoint management, including check-in, check-out, copy, move, remove.
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That blog post doesn't actually address the "check out" functionality mentioned in the idea above. 

Or am I missing something?

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Hi @SylvieLet17,


The idea is about "check-in" and "check-out". This blog post shows how to use "check-in". There is also check out action available. You can use it the same way as it shows for check-in.

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Any update on timeline? We've got a few clients chomping at the bit for publishing in Flow so they can stop using legacy workflows!

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yes, an OOTB functionality using MS FLOW to check out and check in the files would be awesome. 

@Anonymousplease provide this as soon as possible. 

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When are we getting this?

New Member

any updates on this ?

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You can check in and out with flow.


Simple way use "Send HTTP Request to SharePoint" and use REST Api.


In my flow a file can be published to 3 different tenants, so in folder i have column to show where file/s is published, so if a file is published to one tenant and i want to publish it to another, i mark it for publishing, then i check in.

When Flow runs it will publish to the one where its not published, and then update the metadata so you can see it has been published, that part i needed Check out update Check in.





_api/web/getFileByServerRelativeUrl('/CO/Source/File name with extension ')/checkout()



_api/web/getFileByServerRelativeUrl('/CO/Source/File name with extension ')/checkin()


If you dont want to use alot of Flows on testing, install Postman extensions Through Chrome and there you can test the REST before using them in Flow. 

Advocate IV

Thank you very much, @makp. Your method worked like a charm.