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Allow to create Line Items in Business Central from Parent entities using Flows

I have query here regarding Sales Order and Sales Order Line in Business Central.


In Business Central to create Sales Order Line programatically we have to update the Sales Order record by passing the its Sales Order Line in parent Sales Order Header itsleft


While creating/Updating the Sales Order using Flow, I am not getting the the sales line colum in Sales Order.


So, I think currently it is not possible to create the line items with its parent entity using flow. 


Waiting for next release of FLows which will allow to create Lines items(Order Lines, Invoice Line,...) from Parent entities(Order Header, Invoice Header,...)



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Any luck with this?  I think you're right.  It doesn't work.

Helper II
I think no. I haven't checked yet.
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It is diabolically bad. literally likje they do not want it to be used.